Google Calendar’s missing schedule view

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How it works

TeamCal’s “Schedule View” is a new horizontal view for Google Calendar that displays many calendars at once. See employee availability easily by comparing events on a timeline. With a quick glance, you can identify scheduling gaps and prevent overbooking.

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Use fewer tools

Stop switching between Google Calendar and other tools for scheduling your team. Because TeamCal uses your Google Calendar data, all information required for scheduling is available in a single place. Create new events or change existing ones directly within TeamCal.


Simplify communication

Share your schedule with employees and clients to keep everyone updated. With TeamCal, you can embed your schedule in a website, TV screen or show it as a dashboard. You can export a PDF of your schedule, too. Print or send your planning results by email.



Integrated with Google Calendar

Schedule events with drag&drop directly based on your Google Calendar data. All changes are synced back to Google Calendar.


Share, Print, Export

Embed your schedule inside a website, TV screen or on a dashboard. Print & export your schedule as PDF.



Set time zone, work hours and view modes like daily and weekly to adjust TeamCal to your needs.


Schedule from everywhere

Need to check a schedule on the go? Use TeamCal on your phone or tablet.


Manage event invitations

Invite guests to scheduled events from within TeamCal.



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