Scheduling with Google Calendar and TeamCal


TeamCal is a great tool to simplify scheduling using your company’s Google Calendar. This step by step guide will teach you how to use TeamCal to schedule employees (staff, shift, or vacation scheduling) or schedule resources (tools, vehicles, or rooms scheduling).

Before we start, make sure that each employee and resource you plan to schedule has it’s own Google Calendar. This has many benefits, for example giving employees the possibility to access their calendar on a mobile phone. Another great thing about it is that you can see if employees have individual events (like meetings or vacations) planned and use this information during the scheduling process.

💡 Tip: With Google Calendar, you can create new calendars manually. This functionality is super useful to create calendars for resources like vehicles or rooms that do not have a Google Apps login. To do that, click “Add new calendar” inside your Google Calendar. See how.

To start, open TeamCal by clicking “Log in” on the top right of this website or sign-up if you do not have an account now.

1. Add calendars to TeamCal

Before TeamCal can display a beautiful schedule, you need to add your desired calendars. Click add “Add a calendar” and type the name of the calendar you like to add. As an alternative, you can add calendars of other people by using their email address.

⚠️ Note: Before you add a calendar to TeamCal, make sure you have permissions to access that person’s Google Calendar. It depends on your companies GoogleApps settings if other people’s calendars are accessible by default. In most cases, the calendar owner needs to grant permission first. The official Google Calendar documentation explains how to grant those permissions for each calendar. It’s even possible to grant everyone in the company access by default if you are the Google Apps admin.

Tutorial: Add calendar to TeamCal

After you added all calendars you end up with a nice scheduling view of your resources:

Tutorial: TeamCal Schedule

You can further customize the added calendars to change name, display order and default color. Open the context menu with the calendar actions by right clicking on the calendar you like to adjust. Choose “Delete” to remove a specific calendar from your schedule. The calendar will not be removed from Google Calendar, only from your schedule.

Tutorial: Explore TeamCal Row Actions

2. Adjust the scheduling view

TeamCal offers multiple modes to see a more compact or detailed view of your schedule. You can adjust the scheduling view by either changing the “View Mode” or changing the “View Scale” to switch between a day, work week, monthly and quarterly display. If you are not happy with some of the default assumptions you can go to the schedule settings and change the timezone and work-hours to fit your needs.

Tutorial: Explore TeamCal view settings

3. Schedule events

You can schedule events directly inside TeamCal. There is no need to go back to Google Calendar to manage the calendar events.

Use drag&drop to change the time of events and to move events between rows. Right click on an event and select “Edit event” to change the event details like title, time, or description. Also, you can invite guests to the event and manage the event’s “guests” list. To create a new event simplify right click on the time slot and row where you would like to add the event and click “Add event”.

Tutorial: Edit Google Calendar events with TeamCal

5. Share the schedule

How about sharing a schedule with TeamCal’s sharing functionality? You can use a shared schedule to give your clients access or display it on a TV screen in your company. Tell me how!

6. Invite additional users

Invite your co-workers to your TeamCal account and let them have access to your schedule. Once invited they can see your all schedules and actively participate in scheduling. Read more.

7. Use the TeamCal Chrome extension

Access your TeamCal schedules directly from the Google Chrome toolbar. Open the right schedule in an instant from wherever you are. No need for web address typing or bookmarking to view your schedules. Install.

Once set up, don’t hesitate to let us know at if you need further assistance or have questions!

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  • Karanjit Singh
    May 28, 2020 4:09 pm

    What is the pricing option for this software with a 10 user licence

  • Can you filter same tasks by color instead of by people?

  • Hello Nat, unfortunately it’s currently not possible to filter tasks by color but it’s a great idea.

  • If you schedule an event for someone on the TeamCal, does it also go back and populate their personal Google calendar or is it only available on the TeamCal? Can someone in their personal calendar view add and see TeamCal’s events?

    • Hello Gregg, yes, events are synchronized between TeamCal and Google Calendar. If you schedule an event they will see it on their Google Calendar and they will be able to add new events from their device.

  • Are we able to select multiple events and drag them all to a new time or date?

    • Hi Michael, right now it’s not possible to select multiple event at the same time. You can drag single events to a new time or date. Moving multiple events is definitely a great enhancement something we will keep in mind for future improvements.

  • Any plans to add approval workflows to the add event feature for resource calendars?

  • Can I set all the names of employees without inviting them first. I wanna trial how it works first.

    • Yes you can add calendars of your employees without inviting them to TeamCal. Click “Add row” and select the calendar of your employee. If you don’t see the employee’s calendar ask them to share the Google Calendar with your Google User first.

  • Hi, is it possible to download a copy and edit it for myself as a template without having other’s schedules there? Thanks,

  • Joanne Vatore
    June 16, 2021 8:45 pm

    Can I create the individual calendars for my team,?

    • Yes, you can create individual calendars for each team member. If your team member don’t already have their own Google Calendar, you can create one by clicking the “+” in Google Calendar where the “other” calendar list is. After that, you can add those calendars to TeamCal as detailed in step 1 of this article.

  • Is it possible that an Event (with Guests) can be one colour across all calendars? Not just one colour for each Calendar.

  • Rather than having multiple calendars, can we use this to make several columns per day. For example, we have 4 different rooms that we need to schedule people in during the day.

  • Nicole Biller
    January 27, 2022 3:34 pm

    I am wondering if there is a way to create an event that repeats. For example, if I have an employee that works every Monday from 8-5, is there a way to make that event repeat instead of having to create the event manually every single week? Thanks!

  • You can’t add a ros for just holidays – we have national holidays and holidays observed. You should be able to adjust the holiday row. Is this adjustable in the subscription? Just don’t see how it will work if I can’t add a row

  • Will this work with shared calendars? For example, our company has installation teams that have a shared calendar. That shared calendar is owned by our support email account. Anyone who needs to see the shared installation calendar will toggle that on/off in their calendar view. Just trying to understand if teamcal will work for our teams.

  • Is the sync only one way with calendars? So i can put a new event in team cal and it shows up in GCal – but once a calendar is added to TeamCal – if i then put a new event in google calendar it doesnt show up in Teamcal – so i then have to delete from my schedule and re-upload?


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