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Google Calendar themed event styles

With the introduction of the new Google Calendar styling, Google modernized how calendars should look with more text visibility, better color saturation, and a fresher look. All TeamCal views now use the same Google Calendar styling to display events!

TeamCal Google Calendar Event Colors

See more – Hide weekends

Everyone likes a relaxing weekend, but this doesn’t mean that weekends should be shown on your schedule view. If weekends are irrelevant to your scheduling needs, hide them by clicking on “More view settings” in the TeamCal toolbar and unchecking “Show weekends”.

Better vacation schedules with the new Out Of Office event filter

The new Out of Office event filter is perfect for vacation schedules. Show only events marked as “Out of Office” in Google Calendar by clicking “More view settings” in the TeamCal toolbar and checking the “Out of Office Only” events filter.

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